• Very helpful stress-free environment. Resolved case without the need to sit before a judge, saving time and further anxiety. Recommended to others who might be in a similar position.
  • It was a good process in order to facilitate a resolution for the parties.
  • Very informative and supported, thanks.


  • Coaching was invaluable in helping my transition to a role in a new organisation where I needed to navigate different types of relationship. I gained confidence, the  ability to anticipate difficulties, and pre-empt some of the problems. Equipped me with tools useful for situations and challenges.
  • It was a pleasure having Naomi as a coach. She is very punctual, well organised. Naomi is a highly thoughtful, a good listener and very empathic coach, who adapted every session to my needs. Her enthusiasm is contagious and she is really good at creating alternatives, which helped me achieve my goals. I felt very comfortable working with Naomi, I truly recommend her.
  •  Naomi was able to ask very insightful questions. She listened well and provided ideas and clarified areas from previous conversations.
  • I have found the coaching to be hugely beneficial in giving me clarity of my key issues and sticking points. My coach always challenged in an appropriate and measured way.
  • This time that I’ve taken, with you and alone, to really think about what I want in a job and finding something that matches those ideals, have been invaluable.

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