Elspeth Mills Rendall

Elspeth is a barrister, mediator, international negotiation strategist, executive coach, facilitator and L&D specialist. The needs and interests of Elspeth’s clients are at the heart of everything she does.

As mediator, Elspeth supports participants and challenges mindsets, creating a safe environment in which to resolve differences and move towards a settlement that all can live with. Elspeth uses her legal and commercial experience to help participants gain insights into the possible impact of different courses of action. Her skilled communication style rapidly builds rapport and trust, so important in workplace and probate mediations in which emotions may  run high. Elspeth fosters the development of a climate that empowers participants to reach resolution.

As international negotiation strategist, Elspeth uses her commercial business experience and understanding of human behaviour to enable negotiators achieve optimal outcomes whilst maintaining positive relationships.

As a consultant, executive coach, mentor and facilitator Elspeth empowers senior and aspiring leaders to maximise their outcomes.

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