What is coaching? 

Coaching is not just for sports people! – many people can benefit from coaching. Through coaching, I assist people in their work lives or with handling disputes. Coaching isn’t about the coach telling you what to do, but helping you find your own way through taking a real interest, talking and asking questions. You should not feel that something is ‘being done to you’ and coaching should not feel weird or therapy-ish – it’s more like a conversation between two thoughtful adults.

What I offer

I trained in coach-mentoring with The Oxford Coaching and Mentoring. My certificate is recognised by the European Mentoring and Coaching Council, EMCC and I follow the EMCC’s ethical framework. My background is as an NHS Consultant in Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist, so I have experience in many people-skills and therapeutic appraoches. More recently I trained in work psychology, as a civil, commercial and workplace mediator. I am able to draw upon my knowledge but as a coach, I am most interested in you and your own ideas. This is of course because each person and situation is unique. Each person has their preferred ways of thinking about things. I find it best to build on peoples’ preferred ideas/methods, adding in a theory, technique or idea here or there.

Many people benefit from 3 to 6 coaching sessions, but this number can vary – one session may be sufficient for some people and some need or want more than six sessions.  Currently, coaching is done virtually by Zoom or a similar app. Coaching is entirely confidential. No record is kept after the end of the coaching relationship. The person being coached may themselves is encouraged to make an occasional note of ideas to try out in between coaching sessions.

Who is coaching for?

I’m keen to coach the following, but not exclusively – if you think I could coach you, please get in touch

  • Doctors facing career choices, undergoing a transition or needing to develop
  • Those needing to develop themselves and their skills at work
  • People facing a work transition
  • People involved in a conflict with somebody at work
  • People who are or may be neurodiverse (with ADHD, ASD, Dyslexia or similar) and work issues
  • People who manage others who may be neurodiverse

Where do I begin?

If you would like a chat, free of charge, about coaching, please send me a note on the contact form below. Coaching itself isn’t free but should be affordable. If you have a disability, you may find it helpful to talk to your manager or HR as Access to Work will often pay for coaching following an assessment of needs.

Make an enquiry

Feel free to call me on 07494 848434 or use the form below